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  Designing Your Pet Portrait      

1. Pick one or more photos that best represent your pet. The best photos are taken from your pet's level and capture a look, gesture, or posture that represents his/her personality. Please be sure to use pictures that are well lit and show detail. Let me know which one is your favorite. I'll return your pictures with the finished portrait.

2. We can decide on the painting size together.  I try to let your pet and the pose dictate the canvas size and shape. When I paint dogs, I tend to go big.   Please know that any size smaller than 16" x 16" is ideal for a more traditional head and shoulder type portrait.

3. Mail or email the photos to me with any other information you'd like me to have.

4. I'll contact you within a week of receiving your photo(s) to confirm your portrait and perhaps ask you a little more about your pet.

5. Payment will be due upon portrait completion/customer approval.

Talk to you then. I look forward to working on your pet's portrait.


J Stahlman